In this post you will learn about how to hack someones Snapchat account and its password with the help of Snapchat Hack Tool. This tool is also know as Snapchat picture recovery tool and it allows you to recover and save all Snapchat photos sent and received by any Snapchat user. With the help of this tool you can easily get access to your girlfriends, friends and colleagues snapchat pictures.

This Snapchat hack tool gives you the following features:

  • Download and Store/Save all Snapchat picture sent or received by any Snapchat user.
  • View picture in online mode without download and save only desired pictures.
  • Ability to see contact list and recently added contacts.
  • Download upto 1000 pictures (if available) of Sapchat user.
  • It retrieves all pictures from the date of first photo sent to ay user.
  • If users have more than 1000 pictures sent then you need to run this tool twice to get access to remaining pictures that was not retrieved in first attempt.

This Snapchat hack tool which enables you to hack someones Snapchat account is built by programmers in C# and general scripting language. The application is very small and it requires you to install it first in order to use it. File size of application is about 1.5mb approx.

How to Install Snapchat hack tool:

  • First you need to download the tool from link given below.
  • After successful download extract the rar file and run setup.exe.
  • Then follow the instructions on screen and finish installation.
  • Installer will create a desktop icon to launch the Snapchat hack program.

How to Run and Retrieve pictures of any user:

  • Double click on desktop icon to run the application.
  • You will see a window as shown in screenshot below, it will ask you to enter Snapchat username.
  • Enter someones Snapchat username and click on get photos.


  • The application will now connect to Snapchat server all will retrieve all pictures as shown in screenshot below.


  • It may take some time depending upon total number of pictures and size of pictures.
  • After successful retrieve it will download the snaps and it will show them on the application below screen as shown in screenshot.


 Download Link For Snapchat Hack Application

Download Link 

Download Snapchat hack


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  1. Lilian says:

    finally downloaded the file and it is working as expected. Pls improve hacked images quality because its not original quality image.

  2. Joshua says:

    Thanks for sharing your hack tool for android ios. Regards

  3. Alisha says:

    yeah, I downloaded all pics from my boyfriend snapchat account

  4. Gino says:

    Very quickly this tool, thnx!

  5. Arnold says:

    thnx, work for me

  6. Ahmed says:

    thanks from UAE

  7. Iola says:

    I just try this tool on android. Work like a charm!

  8. Alejandra says:

    this tool is not new and i know its still working. thanks for sharing this awesome snapchat hack software

  9. Erika says:

    it is just great tool….nothing more to say

  10. Gerard says:

    amazing snapchat hack, thakns bro.

  11. Hubert says:

    many thanks for share, I will be try this tool when I am home.

  12. Maryanna Wilund says:

    In my opinion this tool is very useful. Thanks for share.

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